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Get-wmiobject Credential Password


I am running as a domain admin account and verified that domain admins are in the local administrators group. This was built in to Windows PowerShell v2.0 that ship with Windows Server 2008 R2. It should look like "get-wmiobject -ea silentlycontinue -class win32_service -computername ..."I just tried on a non-existent host, and it did indeed silently continue.As far as your remoting problems, can you detail Shortest auto-destructive loop Does being engaged (to be married) carry any legal significance?

What is a good method for planting Ball and Burlap trees? Valid values are: -1: Unchanged 0: Default 1: None (No authentication in performed.) 2: Connect (Authentication is performed only when the client establishes a relationship with the application.) 3: Call (Authentication execute command enable-psremoting on remote servers as admin in powershell.4. I remember getting some of those a while back because my commands weren't formatted correctly.

Get-wmiobject Credential Password

I can run this on a few servers and it works, others give me an access denied message. No matter where I put it in the string or what action I choose, I still get the same error.Where are you putting -ea ? May need to make it auto-start. Like Show 0 Likes(0) Actions Re: Remote WMI - Access Denied dd8900 Feb 27, 2014 10:56 AM (in response to forawsum) I thought I would bump this thread as I have

I had to add back the "Remote Enable" and restart WMI service to get it back up. However, I had access to another Windows 2008 R2 server with PowerShell3. share|improve this answer edited Feb 20 '13 at 11:39 answered Feb 19 '13 at 9:03 Musaab Al-Okaidi 2,333715 There're 4 groups there: admin's, authenticated users, local service and network Powershell Access Denied Set-executionpolicy I have Domain Admin rights… it's a domain joined server… what do you mean access is denied?

I also removed the output part of the command just in case it was a local machine security issue in an effort to reduce the number of things that could be Get-wmiobject Access Is Denied Server 2012 Use of いける in this sentence Why does rotation occur? For anyone else who finds this thread, adding -Credential ${CREDENTIAL} resolved my issue. Is there a toy example of an axiomatically defined system/ structure?

All I can think of is maybe you didn't understand the instructions, so maybe if you tell me what you did I can see what you did wrong.1. Powershell Access Is Denied Connecting To A Remote Computer Here is what I'm running:Code:Get-WmiObject win32_service -comp (gc ServerList.txt) | select __Server, Name, Startmode, State | select-string -pattern 'ftp' | out-file "C:\ftp list.txt"[code]I've edited the serverlist.txt file down to only a daishi Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius Registered: Oct 22, 2000Posts: 9978 Posted: Sat Oct 15, 2011 8:41 am Oh there is a pre-made script online to remotely enable PSremoting if you want to Actually I messed around in the wmimgmt.msc on the target servers a bit, but got no luck, maybe it's the right place but I just didn't do it right. –bookends Feb

Get-wmiobject Access Is Denied Server 2012

I can post screenshots if that helps. –Musaab Al-Okaidi Feb 20 '13 at 8:31 Oops, reputation not enough to post my settings' snapshots for you. Authenticated user would add way too many accounts to allow for this, the end result should be the same, however.5. Get-wmiobject Credential Password All-Knowing Being is Lonely What is the importance of Bézout's identity? Get-wmiobject Rpc Server Unavailable up vote 2 down vote favorite 1 When I run a simple powershell command on a remote PC such as Get-WmiObject Win32_Process -computer Pc1 Some Pcs reply "Access denied", while other

Why didn't the Roman maniple make a comeback in the Renaissance? Get-WMIObject : Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED)) At line:1 char:1 + Get-WMIObject -class Win32_Printer -computer PrintServer2 | Select Name,DriverName,Por ... + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:) [Get-WmiObject], daishi Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius Registered: Oct 22, 2000Posts: 9978 Posted: Fri Oct 14, 2011 8:38 am Losers_Revenge wrote:What I'm trying to do is query all of our servers to see if windows powershell wmi permissions share|improve this question edited Jul 9 '09 at 20:13 ThatGraemeGuy 11.4k73974 asked Jul 1 '09 at 15:04 sthiers 111112 add a comment| 4 Answers 4 active oldest Wmi Access Is Denied. (exception From Hresult: 0x80070005 (e_accessdenied))

The switches that need to be passed, are the -Authentication and -Impersonation using the following syntax as an example: GWMI MSCluster_ResourceGroup -Authentication PacketPrivacy -Impersonation Impersonate -Computer W2K8-CLUSNODE2 -Namespace ROOT\MSCluster NOTE: Ad Choices Ensure the "Apply to" option is set to "This namespace and subnamespaces" Save and exit all prompts Add the user(s) or group(s) to the Local "Distributed COM Users" group. Reason: Attempting to use an NT account name with SQL Server Authentication. [CLIENT: xx.xx.xx.xx]"[CLIENT: xx.xx.xx.xx] is Orion server IP.User 'dmz\adminServiceUser' has full admin access to DMZ server.

Here is another twist to this story. Enable Distributed Com On This Computer I have not tried get-service, I'll look into that.see for more informationThis section may be relevant since you mentioned windows 2003Quote:Because both of these methods, Get-Credential and Read-Host, return an Why is Rogue One allowed to take off from Yavin IV?

Error: Get-WmiObject : Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESS DENIED)) At N:\FindWhoIsUsing\FindWhoIsUsing.ps1:7 char:18 get-wmiobject <<<< win32_process -computername $server -EnableAllPrivileges| CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:) [Get-WmiObject], UnauthorizedAccessException FullyQualifiedErrorId : System.UnauthorizedAccessException,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.GetWmiObjectCommand Powershell

Has anyone in the SolarWinds community successfully created a Windows PowerShell Monitor that uses Get-WmiObject?EDIT: Never mind. share|improve this answer answered Jul 1 '09 at 15:31 Izzy 7,57022433 add a comment| up vote 0 down vote Non admins should be able to run PowerShell WMI queries if the Key features such as syntax-coloring, tab completion, visual debugging, Unicode-compliance, and context-sensitive Help provide a rich scripting experience. Get-wmiobject : User Credentials Cannot Be Used For Local Connections The only problem was with WMI as Fetching Method, I must use RPC to monitor services.

Please type your message and try again. The local node name we will be referring to in these examples will be W2K8-CLUSNODE1 and the remote node name will be W2K8-CLUSNODE2. But the question is, how?:) I certainly don't want to add all domain users into domain admins, right? Join Now Good morning Spiceworks...I have a power shell question for you.I am attempting to start looking at our systems to implement Bitlocker on some of my domain computers.  I am

Note: The "Authenticated Users" and "Everyone" groups cannot be added here, so you can alternatively use the "Domain Users" group. The last week I've been doing a lot with PowerShell and IIS, where this is not such an uncommon issue 😉 For example: Get-WmiObject -ComputerName IIS01 -Namespace "root\microsoftiisv2" -Query "select * Oh well, at least I have some time to figure this stuff out now. How boring!