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Delphi Access Violation At Address 00000


It is provided here only for convenience - that way you do not have to search it somewhere else. delphi delphi-7 access-violation share|improve this question edited Apr 3 '13 at 21:46 asked Apr 3 '13 at 21:16 AU_Outpost 901114 closed as too localized by Ken White, kobik, Jerry Dodge, Jens How do I create armor for a physically weak species? The usual text for this error is as follows: "Access violation at address XXX in module 'YYY'. this contact form

So when... How do I dehumanize a humanoid alien? That should give you the information you need to track down the bug. The point is that such errors are very dangerous, because they may go unnoticed, even more than that - they can destroy the stack, so that you can not get the

Delphi Access Violation At Address 00000

Usually, you should catch errors of this sort at development/testing stage by using "Range Check Errors" option. How to fix/debug them? That's why the debugger can't show you which line of code caused the problem — there is no line of code. share|improve this answer edited Jun 2 '11 at 12:40 answered Jun 2 '11 at 12:28 Lars Truijens 32k487113 1 Thanks for the tips Lars.

But even then, I doubt we can do much more than guess. Site Map Installation & Registration Annual Agreements Single Incident Supported Versions Installation & Registration Product Support Single Incident Discussion Forums Documentation Developer Network Bugs & Suggestions Examples Audio Audio & Video Reports: · Posted 4 years ago Top ronniesonora Posts: 919 This post has been reported. Madexcept What you're looking for is probably some place where your program calls a function through a function pointer, but that pointer is null.

You might have overwritten a function's return address with zero, and the exception occurs at the end of the function. RE: Access violation errors. Especially, if you do a manual allocate or free of objects somewhere in your program. Secondly, I have noticed that compiler hints and warnings are in fact detecting for you, some of the common problems.

Lib1 := LoadLibrary('MyDll.dll'); // one piece of code loads DLL. Access Violation At Address Windows 7 I know that does not solve the problem but like anything, there is a process of elimination and this step here will at least make it a little less annoying. In the next time, we'll talk about cases, when there IS a bug in your code, but there is no access violation! Close this window and log in.

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Victorian Ship Weighing iPhone SE powers on whenever moved, defective? But there's enough to give you some useful clues: Access violation, read of address 00000000, means that someone tried to dereference a null pointer. Delphi Access Violation At Address 00000 Nordlund (Programmer) 3 Sep 04 04:43 Hi.There is a way to find out a little bit more about the Access Violation, but that includes the procedure "Assert"?CODEAssert(MyObject <> nil, 'MyObject not How To Fix Access Violation At Address Do Air Traffic Controllers have to remember stall speeds for different aircraft?

Since you're asking for tips on debugging (ie: not concrete help for the one example you're showing), how do you know Lars's was the best answer in only 38 minutes? weblink Process stopped. It's also possible you have stack corruption. Find all posts by MrBaseball34 #3 05-14-2004, 12:48 PM MrBaseball34 Senior Member Join Date: Jan 2001 Posts: 7,260 RE: ERROR: Access violation at address 0040469A oops, I should've How To Fix Access Violation At Address Delphi

Rick P. (Asus Shill) Reports: · Posted 4 years ago Top wilson382 Posts: 39 This post has been reported. Then I use the EZ Flash method in the UEFI Bios. The next useful piece of information is "write" or "read" word. What is a good method for planting Ball and Burlap trees?

Fourth, you can hardly beat the technique of having another developer critique your code. Access Violation At Address 00000000. Read Of Address 00000000 In Toad Accept This Answer · Accepted Answer · Reports: · Posted 4 years ago Top wilson382 Posts: 39 This post has been reported. The last part: there can be multiply reference to one object/component via different variables.

Apr 27 '10 at 17:43 add a comment| up vote 2 down vote I don't think your error means anything like what it appears to.

Why call it a "major" revision if the suggested changes are seemingly minor? I won't cover this issue here, as it might take a long time. In fact, the message you report looks a little bit like the messages Windows-brand operating systems show the user. Access Violation At Address In Module Write Of Address Are you sure that this is the actual line that's triggering the exception?

Specifically, how does an address read itself? Apart from error's message, there can be another information, which comes from assembly and CPU tabs in EurekaLog's bug-report: You can see the assembly listing of your program on the first share|improve this answer answered Apr 27 '10 at 17:36 Mason Wheeler 58.9k29195354 4 Good point. his comment is here What does this bus signal representation mean How can I slow down rsync?

Forgetting to declare your destructors properly, for example, can lead to a compiler warning, but to serious problems at runtime. share|improve this answer edited Mar 8 at 23:50 answered Feb 10 '10 at 20:40 Heath Hunnicutt 12.3k2753 add a comment| up vote 7 down vote You start looking near that code and so on. Lib2 := GetModuleHandle('MyDll.dll'); Proc := GetProcAddress(Lib2, 'MyProc'); // there is no checks!

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Best picks Reviews News Tutorials Forum MORE All articles How to Gift Ideas Downloads Tom's Hardware Tom's IT Pro About Tom's And the last hint comes from ZZZ. Okay, the address XXX points to exact location of code, where exception was raised. What does "accesses" mean?

That should at least give you an idea where in the code the error occurs. –500 - Internal Server Error Apr 3 '13 at 21:23 I'm sorry. Be sure, that its signature is correct and you didn't forget about stdcall or cdecl.;no=1723 You may ask MOD for My E-Mail Address and it IS Fine with me. :) :) Rick P. Victorian Ship Weighing How can I monitor the progress of a slow upgrade? A new Bios Update Revision was posted this month. :) :) Sabertooth P67 BIOS 3209 As a General Note for Asus Bios Updates. **********Please Update Bios twice when update from There can be a great help if we can also use few hints from the data. The current location is marked by little blue arrow. Do EU residents need visa to travel to USA?

In the above code the line in red was replaced with if RS.RecordCount > 0 then RS.MoveFirst.btnViewClick is invoked in FormShow. User C accesses record Z on computer F3 there is no error. All you've posted is meaningless from our standpoint. The access violation only shows up when exporting, and this never happens with imported files.