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failed to verify message. sending mp not in cached mplist

missing service entry in the backup data store; cleaning up

failed to logon to the crystal report object repository

directx failed to initialize windows 7

failed to get version for product in user unmanaged context

skyrim failed to initialize renderer unknown error creating the renderer

failed to find provider info for android.server.checkin

failed to open a rowset crystal reports 9

job for [email protected]:3.service failed because the control process exited with error code

failed to intialize gamemon

reason 442: failed to enable virtual adapter.

9211-8i firmware

dvd decrypter failed to set data for dvddecrypterplaydvdmovieonarrival

easeus error codes

fsockopen() failed to enable crypto codeigniter

battlefield bad company 2 failed to connect to ea online pc fix

module diskearly power on failed

failed to initialize direct music audio

failed to create database click saver

warning: usb events thread - failed to set priority.

failed to initialize the graphic hardware device

warning move_uploaded_file function.move-uploaded-file failed to open stream permission denied in

failure to get player information from the server pokemon go

failed to read pid file /var/run/samba/

failed to allocate mem resource redhat

failed to create xim input context

failed to lookup dns aluratek

rtnetlink answers: file exists failed to bring up eth0.

libdc1394 failed to initialize

microsoft program install and uninstall utility

xencenter failed to import vhd

failed to lock the file (40003)

failed to install catalog files sp3

logon user interface dll ralinkgina.dll failed to load

failed to open vhdl file .mif in r mode

failed to load dialog file resource/ui/classmenu.res

failed to initialize renderer check directx

the driver driver wudfrd failed to load for the device usb

[nqserror: 43126] authentication failed: invalid user/password.

this device cannot start. (code 10)

failed to find any compatible fbconfigs

failed to load resource: net::err_file_not_found html

failed to properly assess the disk

winbind.service: main process exited, code=exited, status=1/failure

failed to create d3d device left 4 dead 2 non steam

failed to create flash player please restart program

ftp_get failed to open stream no such file or directory

gpupdate /sync failed to set the policy mode

failed to open midi support library application cannot run

failed to connect to lun in a flexclone

failed to parse stylesheet javax.xml.transform.sax.saxsource

failed to create udp socket

failed to connect to mailserver at localhost port 25 wamp

failed to serialize the message part

does not represent a strongly named assembly

550 failed to change directory ftp

failed to create jetty.pkcs12

failed to read iisweb

failed to load nad27-83 correction file

failed to shutdown dbconsole gracefully enterprise manager

failed to process the synchronization data

failed to download repository information ubuntu 12.04

failed to connect to the load generator.check the output window for more details

failed to initialize the graphic hardware device.0

failed to open group policy object you may not have appropriate rights

netbackup failed to load dr image (20)

getsecuritydescriptor powershell

.net runtime version 2 failed to cocreate profiler

failed to find dll function kernel32.getproductinfo

failed to create the data source file autocad map

failed to prepare for the microsoft exchange database validation

failed to initialize vbox illustrator

failed to find steam jade empire

halo 3 failed to load content campaign

failed to open default message store mapi

windows error recovery windows 7 failed to start

failed to get the list of master file webfocus

failed to load users/passwords/role files

failed to set xfermode err_mask 0x40

failed to load tlb in importlib stdole.tlb

file_get_contents failed to open stream php

failed to obtain specified collection optionscollection

the peer is not responding to phase 1 isakmp requests sonicwall vpn

failed to import renderpm

the cause of the failure was: could not load file or assembly

wondershare mobiletrans iphone failed to connect

port mapping: failed to initialize the miniupnp interface

ora-27029: skgfrtrv: sbtrestore returned error

failed to connect to device 4

access database engine from microsoft

failed to create virtual machine xendesktop 5.5

unable to open kernel device . global vmx86 vmware player

failed to load cdvd.irx

failed to connect to cdemu daemon

the column status returned was:

postfix: fatal: parameter inet_interfaces: no local interface found for ::1

esi: getresponse: failed to get response: rc = 10

failed to export the disk

failed to access nbt driver

failed to launch maven exit code 1 jenkins

distribution manager failed to process package sccm 2012

failed to launch rads system rads_user_kernel.exe lol

failed to load resource scriptresource.axd

file_put_contents failed to open stream is a directory

failed to spawn. is virtualization enabled in the bios

how to fix d3d11.dll error in sniper elite v2

jenkins failed to start jetty

an operation required the virtual machine to quiesce and the virtual machine was unable to continue

failed to contact key server borderlands

e8535 failed to receive data from the agent exchange

failed to bind to server 1753

failed to resolve slp from wins is it published

failed to create compute engine mathcad 13

failed to open sound device ventrilo

failed to impersonate user with 5 gpo

failed to create component a reference to the component already exists in the project

failed to load the jni shared library jvm.dll eclipse windows 8 64 bit

failed to set entityresolver on

activex control failed to load please check browser security settings chrome

failed to create the configuration database sharepoint 2013

unit oracle-xe.service not found.

failed to set security on the destination profile

failed to compress audio file for recording

failed to find property editor for marshaller

start searchd

drupal simpletest setup

failed to connect to server csgo

filezilla failed to open for writing mac

failed to create component axhost system.accessviolationexception

failed to launch rpcss linux

failed to load library ws2_32.dll

failed to produce a valid sql statement

server tcp provider failed to listen on any ipv4 1433 tcp port is already in use

download sqlcmd utility

fortigate rdp native

sccm 2012 r2 prerequisites download offline

failed to load socketx.xct

steamui.dll download 2016

failed to start /usr/sbin/gmetad

ubuntu 14.04 failed to download package files

telerik error creating control

failed to join domain: failed to lookup dc info for domain over rpc: logon failure

failed to authenticate caroot

failed to read delivery status

failed to open tcp connection ruby

minecraft failed to bind to port hamachi failed to enable constraints

failed to map the path in c#

failed to look up string with key xomlurl keyfile core

failed to export the report crystal 8.5

failed to read schema document xsd

failed to format tectile

failed to import activex control visual studio 2015

the detected items failed to store a record with error 80040230:mcefileioerror

how to start winpcap

failed to initialize the appdomain /lm/w3svc/1/root/powershell

an error occurred loading a configuration file: failed to start monitoring changes to

failed to upgrade oracle cluster registry configuration

d3derr_invalidcall fix

windows failed to start windows 7

regsvr32 the module failed to load windows 10

failed to create d3d device cs go non steam

failed to initialise server object invalid class string

failed to remove the current desktop organizer configuration

total identified windows installations 0

failed to receive client information

problem: failed to create task or type if cause: the name is undefined.

failed to grant minimum permission requests .net

failed to create the virtual machine xendesktop 5 vmware

failed to get game data from the server pokemon go

sonarqube wrapper stopped

failed to initialize sysam licensing powerbuilder

ava failed to connect to server

failed to init panovideo

failed to add resources). change requests failed for some resources

failed to extend the active directory schema your windows nt logon id

an add-on for this website failed to run ie 11

failed to obtain debug privileges exiting

cannot run game failed to set up graphics system fm 2016

failed to create an empty document arcserve

failed to execute sql query exec dbo.sp_helpdb

failed to fetch ubuntu apt-get update

this disc cannot be burned because the device failed to calibrate the laser power

failed to create sample data. an exception of type system.nullreferenceexception was thrown

org hibernate lazyinitializationexception failed to lazily initialize a collection of role spring

failed to create the virtualbox client com object

bhdrvx64 failed to load

module failed to register hresult contact your support personnel

failed to subscribe to documentation feed

failed to connect to server ragnarok private server

failed to get sockio obj

failed to load toolbox item workflow activity

acquia dev desktop process 'mysql database server' failed to start. port 33067 didn't open.

a2dp-sink profile connect failed

failed to open dbdict file from cache

failed to get property value for bean

failed to open file poi_brand_rect.spr

failed to authenticate the user caroot ec=218

failed to retrieve decryption key

portal 2 d3d error fix

move_uploaded_file: failed to open stream: no such file or directory yii2

virtualbox callee rc: regdb_e_classnotreg (0x80040154)

failed to retrieve share list from server: no such file or directory

crviewer dll download windows 7

failed to access the usb subsystem ubuntu 12.10

failed to initialize direct3d tomb raider

failed to run method sync application

failed to open ssh tunnel to job tracker

firefox failed to read the configuration file. please contact your system administrator

synergy failed to connect to server server refused client with our name

mysql could not open log file

megacli firmware state failed

failed to locate invoker entity-rmi-invoker

failed to copy extended attributes to directory

cannot access secondary gpu - error: [xorg] (ee)

failed to online diskgroup resource

failed to locate the motif header files

failed to cache template redhat-as3-minimal-x86_64

failed to launch server application mathcad

failed to create master zone already exists

moveslink2 download

interface eth1 not configured

failed to find the topology node in the configuration

emm interface initialization failed status = 77

failed to initialize the srgb

requestmpkeyinformation: send() failed.

failed to start deployable object sld wd main

failed to join untagged list on ethernet

failed to load response data chrome

failed to connect to ndmp server netvault

failed to resolve address for service

rdpdd.dll bsod

failed to communicate with the mailbox database it was running the command get moverequeststatistics

failed to initialize hal debian

failed to open tape device permission denied errno 13

failed to load the client dll left 4 dead 2 fix

failed to handle packet java.lang.runtimeexception

synergy failed to connect to server: timed out

failed to initialize audio device xbmc ubuntu 12.04

cert signature or hash check failed 106

failed to open the group policy object you may not have appropriate rights

gem install sqlite3 windows

failed to open the connection crystal report windows form viewer

fopen failed to open stream permission denied php

adobe flash failed to register fix

ffxi failed to initialize direct3d windows 10

failed to initialize the 3d engine pro cycling manager 2009

android exchange activesync failed to create the account

failed to join domain: failed to find dc for domain

failed to create parent directory android studio

failed to load

failed to decrypt an encrypted xml node because the password was not specified or not correct

failed to suspend logvol00

swrast_dri so undefined symbol _glapi_tls_dispatch

file_put_contents(): failed to open stream: invalid argument

failed to upgrade infrastructure_post components

the application failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect windows 10

failed to initialize audio hardware avid

failed to use directshow video engine windows 7

failed to lazily initialize a collection of role no session or session was closed

failed to create docking edit window

failed to instantiate file default master from module defaultmasterpage

failed to read cluster chain map

failed to lazily initialize a collection of role no session

failed to execute script alfresco

crtslv dll failed to register hresult 2147010895

webspherewriterequestreadresponse: failed to find an app server to handle this request

failed to create a clsid_biztalkpropertybagfactory

failed to start backupandrecoveryservice.exe

server 2012 windows failed to install the following update with error 0x800f0922

rpcproxy.dll missing

failed to start the apache http server. centos 7

failed to load viewstate the control tree into which

gmdx problem starting up steam

failed to grant permission for exchange 2003

failed to create machine certificate on server

failed to find resource hb109

radclient:: failed to find ip address

failed to load sqlcmd.rll

wpa_supplicant exited with return code 1

failed to retrieve cluster name from the database. reason parser failed to initialize

failed to open file descriptors full-nelson

failed to obtain storage server information to

scatter error in keil

system.invalidoperationexception: failed to map the path '/'.

failed to determine definition for feature with id

failed to uninstall device required to boot computer

failed to retrieve share list from server ubuntu 10.4

mof file

failed to connect to server localhost microsoft ssee

backside header ('n/a') failed to parse due to: failed to establish a backside connection

oh my fish themes

failed to save network android

failed to generate offline address book exchange 2003

failed to intialize vbox

failed to parse stream ubuntu

failed to power up wifi chip

failed to load terminal server profile path 2003

failed to grab pixels for image as3

clgetprogrambuildinfo example

failed to start service "cluster" (servicestate=service_stopped, state_joining)

visual studio 2013 failed to create image source

install unity-gtk-module

failed to load storage group data

failed to initialize the appdomain /lm/w3svc

failed to enter entry postal 2

failed to find service blackberry bluetooth transfer

failed to load sqlspars dll windows 7

gconf error failed to contact configuration server redhat

failed to find a supported hardware rendering device coh2

failed to load msxmlsql.dll sql server 2012

java.lang.outofmemoryerror: failed to create a thread

apoint.exe alps_setmousemonitor error

ike: phase1 received notification from peer: invalid certificate

failed to parse pojo xml

codelite failed to locate gdb

failed to load wininet.dll

failed to get vm server info list

failed to create repository schema

pulse secure failed to setup virtual adapter error 1205

failed to fork os thread aix

samba ldap configuration

pacstrap error failed to install packages to new root

failed to start because xmlparse.dll was not found

failed to update protection modules

korg kontrol editor failed to open midi port

failed to start set time via ntp.

derby failed to start database with classloader

failed to open the dataset arcgis

failed to set property 'serviceprincipalname'

failed to load database information crystal reports visual studio 2010

failed to create device without device hint

keyboard initialization failed. this could be a missing or incorrect setup of xkeyboard-config.

failed to setautocommit to true for pool

failed to write file ragexe.exe windows 8

failed to save target content cannot find file type definition with id

failed to verify whole-file signature fix

httpexception 0x80004005 failed to execute url

jboss 7.1 failed to process phase post module of deployment

failed to set data for cpltop

failed to read vmware authd port

how to connect solver block in simulink

nmap "dnet: failed to open device ethx"

failed to send cue sheet dvd decrypter

archeage failed to load game data fix

rsync error: error in ipc code (code 14)

record 0 has no file magic

domain_client_validate: domain password server not available.

the playback failed to find the control with the given search properties technology name msaa

ora-19506 ora-27028 ora-19511

failed to resolve server name teredo

failed to create the virtual machine xendesktop 5.6

failed to lookup domain bootstrapper during domain extension

failed to locate supported file types ipod

failed to unmarshal class weblogic

connection insecure

ubuntu failed to download repository information check your internet connection

failed to load viewstate gridview edit

failed to open /etc/coreadm.conf

mysql purge master logs

module alsa card c failed to find a working profile

failed to talk to init daemon raspberry pi

failed to load dll fstype

cannot open the disk failed to lock the file

failed to add dynamic transport filter 13016

tns-03505 failed to resolve name in oracle 12c

failed to connect to server incompatible client 1.3

failed to create trusted application key

failed to generate a user instance of sql server visual studio 2008

failed to open vdpau backend ubuntu

adobe installer failed to initialize mac

citrix xenapp failed to connect to the datastore. odbc error while connecting to the database

failed to open the default message store using

biztalkassemblyresourcemanager failed to complete end type change request

crossfire failed to connect to server w 2003 l 0

failed to acquire connection. connection may not be configured correctly ssis

failed to initialize directdraw plants vs zombies

juniper openconnect

fusermount permission denied centos

failed to decrypt protected xml node "dts:property"

failed to stat plugin config

failed to create project at location

the dependency service or group failed to start windows 7 network and sharing center

vbox_e_file_error (0x80bb0004) import

failed to create d3d device csgo

how to delete a virus file which cannot be deleted

failed to open audio input device ableton

failed to read directory mnt runtime etc

failed to refresh site code. error: 0x8000ffff

failed to create the virtualbox object

failed to retrieve dn for domain

failed to deploy application at context path tomcat 7

failed to boot 2 starting rsd mode photon 4g

failed to create com object php

failed to create appdomain sql server 2012

the internet connection sharing (ics) service could not be started

failed to start source agent on /var/spool/sw

webmin modules

failed to load firmware radeon/r300_cp.bin

failed to bring up eth0 ubuntu

fog failed to mount nfs volume

failed to enable crypto composer

failed to initialize sound card dawn of war

failed to map the path '/'. iis

failed to impersonate user with

failed to reserve large pages memory req addr (errno = 12)

failed to update unattend.xml

failed to get hold of itunes instance

dragon failed to launch ui automation server windows 10

prct-1011 : failed to run "oifcfg"

failed to retrieve data from the database crystal reports

failed to set up sockaddr for localhost

failed to open file ctype.dat exiting application

failed to install sys-kernel/gentoo-sources

failed to find artwork ruben

keepalived_vrrp: warning: failed to connect to the agentx master agent

failed to create pty

file_get_contents failed to open stream 404

failed to install and configure assemblies in the com catalog

failed to establish the default connection to the windowserver ssh

failed to acquire lock on device juniper

failed to eject /org/freedesktop/hal/devices

failed to replace dns a records for owner

failed to retrieve share list from server centos

failed to open serial port for tls 2200

document failed to print windows 7

failed to create the virtualcenter repository

arcgis failed to connect to database general function failure

failed to launch scim ubuntu

64-bit eclipse

failed to init vserver

unable to access location failed to mount windows share permission denied

failed to create object prog id


failed to receive request packet header

failed to load external entity magento

failed to set entityresolver to

error failed to build gem native extension mysql2

javax.xml.transform.transformerconfigurationexception failed to compile stylesheet

failed to create room 4421

failed to load processor

emptythrowable: failed to create the sd card. ubuntu

failed to enable crypto stream_socket_client()

failed to shutdown dbconsole

xsane failed to open device pixma

failed to write install date on the system registry

failed to open /dev/pts/ no such file or directory

failed to connect to netvault processes

failed to get size of gamma for output default virtualbox

failed to registering sitescope profile

failed to contact using udp ping networker

msg.vmk.status.vmk limit_exceeded

opmnctl status opmn is not running

ruby-debug-ide rubymine

failed to map the path

failed to start x11 gimp

failed to load database information crystal reports crdb_oracle.dll

1 channel failed to connect to url 2016

failed to copy the file punkbuster pbsvc.exe

activex control failed to load please check browser security settings

sccm 2012 client failed to update site assignment

550 failed to open file ftp

webspheregetstream: socket error conditions pending, os err = 107

failed to create a delegation id for job

how to start rpc.statd in linux

failed to global.cki download crossfire ph

chrome failed to load resource: net::err_blocked_by_client

failed to set gid privileges

import-spweb failure writing to target file

failed to send smtp message mom 2005

event id 5 citrix desktop director service

failed to find a suitable video setting cthulhu

failed to dereference transport

failed to load database information crystal reports visual studio 2012

failed to create attached surface

bandicam failed to start video capture

failed to build the olap cubes project server

failed to enable software iscsi exec of command

failed to read from database brightstor

auto-start service l"mountmgr" failed to start: 2

failed to return a video frame premiere

failed to prepare a cluster shared volumes csv for backup

adapter data initialization failed

failed to connect to

failed to execute udev pci db

failed to read 1-wire data from 0x81

failed to update headers outlook 2010 imap yahoo

failed to retrieve share list from server connection timed out

failed to query video info snaptube

how to configure synergy on windows 7

failed to verify basesystem.dmg

te_7017 failed to initialize transformation in informatica

failed to obtain package from scalability server

nvidia failed to initialize the nvidia kernel module

failed to create fscopilotfsinn

failed to write disk signature

ora-27211 failed to load media management library rman

warning move_uploaded_file function move uploaded file unable to move

failed to parse xml text

the kernel failed to re-read the partition table

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