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Failed To Read Vmware-authd Port Number

To get that, you have to install ntfs-3g. When I connect a iPod Touch on the guest machine, after few seconds, there is all times a Windows blue screen with the BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER code. VMware or Virtual Box?   Download link:   project website: Source code: How the .ova image is created: 0 0 11/01/12--10:14: bug report : .ova image internal You can also run the "vm-support" script in the Workstation folder directly. have a peek at this web-site

For some reason, the guest VM I snapshotted, shutdown, and copied from the folder, won't restart! By creating an account, you're agreeing to our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and to receive emails from Spiceworks. Could not open device map parallel port registry key. 2012-11-03T10:47:39.415-05:00| vmplayer| I120: HostDeviceInfoGetDiskInfo: CreateFile \\.\PhysicalDrive0 failed: Access is denied 2012-11-03T10:47:39.415-05:00| vmplayer| I120: HostDeviceInfoGetDiskInfo: CreateFile \\.\PhysicalDrive1 failed: Access is denied 2012-11-03T10:47:39.450-05:00| vmplayer| Show 2 replies 1.

Allerdings scheint mir das Problem bei deiner Suse-VM zu liegen. Post to Cancel %d bloggers like this: Home About VMpros Home Lab Scripts Maximums Logins Database Disclaimer Home > VMware > VMware: VM Console error: Unable to connect to the MKS: I will try that. 0 Sonora OP Beedub16 Nov 19, 2014 at 10:21 UTC I've tried two separate external drives now, but based on what trelstadtech was mentioning, To collect data to submit to VMware support, select Help > About and click "Collect Support Data".

Historically, this has worked great. Once again thanx… From client select your hosts –> configuration –> DNS & Routing (under software)—> Routing tab thangtd1 February 20th, 2012thangtd1(Quote) at 04:29thangtd1(Quote) | #23 Reply | Quote From client i had the right GateWay address in my V Sphere server but not on my ESX host. Alle Verbindung bleiben aber bestehen.

Overriding install state of player-windows 2012-11-03T10:48:04.333-05:00| vmplayer| I120: CDS: CdsUtil_QueryMsiByProductCode: {313C6E9F-180C-46C3-8CB1-A2AFB34DF643} is unknown in the MSI database. 2012-11-03T10:48:04.333-05:00| vmplayer| I120: CDS: CdsUtil_QueryMsiByProductCode: {003BFBBD-6C67-419E-A24D-0DCAFC3A5249} is unknown in the MSI database. 2012-11-03T10:48:04.333-05:00| vmplayer| Aug 18 10:02:02.356: vmx| CDROM: Connecting ide1:0 to '/dev/scd0'. Cheers Sander Daems December 18th, 2009Sander Daems(Quote) at 10:15Sander Daems(Quote) | #2 Reply | Quote Hello Ayuba, Updated my post, hope you can reconnect your Console with this solution! I got a similar problem..

However, we have 2 VC servers and I am able to connect to the console on one but not others. Aug 18 10:02:01.782: vmx| DISKLIB-LIB : Opened "/media/sda3/Virtual Machines/xp/xp/Windows XP Professional.vmdk" (flags 0xa). 0x8811664 Aug 18 10:02:01.782: vmx| DiskGetGeometry: Reading of disk partition table Aug 18 10:02:01.840: vmx| DISK: OPEN '/media/sda3/Virtual Aug 22 11:49:11.933: vmx| SCSI0: UNTAGGED commands will be converted to ORDER tags. Add the ESX server in your DNS 2.

In order to configure certain management and networking features VMware Server needs to know which. No other services appear to be having this problem (e.g. Solution: i asked if it possible to try to connect with vSphere client from another workstation which is not in Active Directory, as that computer from which that person was connecting I'm having issues with this and the above instructions don't seem to be getting me to far.

Aug 18 10:02:02.608: vcpu-0| Remapping region BusMemFrame14 as MAP_PRIVATE (addr=0xb42dd000, size=0x1000, offset=0xddd000) Aug 18 10:02:02.609: vcpu-0| Cannot remap region PhysRegion14 (addr=(nil), size=0x1000, offset=0xddc000) Aug 18 10:02:02.609: vcpu-0| Remapping region BusMemFrame13 as I added to the hosts file the container server and also one virtual machine (for which I tried to open the console) but nothing… me April 22nd, 2010me(Quote) at 07:16me(Quote) | If you can happily resolve the name and are sure that the port is not being blocked, then have you made any IP changes? A small entry in Default gateway was missing.

If anyone can shed any light, that would be wonderful. Failed. ──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────NFC Connectivity Isolation──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────The following steps will assist in the isolation of the NFC issue outside of Veeam Backup & Replication. 1.  On the proxy being used by the backup/replication job install and A core file is available in "/home/christian/vmware/minix3/core". Source Aug 18 10:02:03.615: vcpu-0| ---------------------------------------- Any help appreciated.

Aug 18 10:01:57.776: vmx| Config file: /media/sda3/Virtual Machines/xp/xp/Windows XP Professional.vmx Aug 18 10:01:57.914: vmx| VMXVmdb_LoadRawConfig: Loading raw config Aug 18 10:01:57.960: vmx| VMXVmdbCbVmVmxExecState: Exec state change requested to state poweredOn without To collect data to submit to VMware support, select Help > About and click "Collect Support Data". Auf dem Server waren mal diverse Versionen von VmwareServer 1 installiert.

Check vm vmnic vlan Finding orphaned, disconnected, inaccessible, invalid vms using PowerCLI.

Changes in the virtual machine configuration may require you to reactivate the guest operating system. Peter van Boxtel December 30th, 2009Peter van Boxtel(Quote) at 21:51Peter van Boxtel(Quote) | #3 Reply | Quote Great, stupid solution but it works 🙂 thanks… !! Searching the Task log for the words “starting agent” will allow for the identification of which server performed the task. Further information can be found in this forum post: The NFC connection requires Gast ist openSUSE 11.0 mit 512MB virt.

This action is irreversible! 2012-11-03T10:47:43.769-05:00| vmplayer| I120+ Are you sure you want to delete the virtual machine "D:\Documents\Virtual Machines\Ubuntu\Ubuntu.vmx" permanently? 2012-11-03T10:47:44.238-05:00| vmplayer| I120: VMHSGetDataFileKey: Could not get the dataFileKey from VMDB Re: VIX API - There was an error in communication abuckjoe Oct 24, 2013 12:32 PM (in response to NVieira) Getting the same error here, in one machine my code runs I didn't have any explicit rights to the external drive itself so I've added those and I'm attempting to fire up the VM again now. 0 Sonora OP have a peek here Log: Aug 18 10:01:57.376: vmx| Log for VMware Workstation pid=7855 version=6.0.0 build=build-45731 option=Release Aug 18 10:01:57.376: vmx| Hostname=matt-laptop Aug 18 10:01:57.376: vmx| Command line: "/usr/lib/vmware/bin/vmware-vmx" "-#" "product=1;name=VMware Workstation;version=6.0.0;licensename=VMware Workstation for Linux;licenseversion=6.0

And finally restart the management agents on the host, either from the console, or by running ‘/sbin/ restart'. This is on a Windows machine with CentOS as my virtual OS.        Full screen mode (Cntrl-Alt-Enter) works to bring the remote console to full screen coverage, but the actual virtual asked by Modlio, 2 hours ago SRP rules for Cluster console opening hyper-v tools asked by DraconPern, 2 hours ago Windows 7 Startup: Black Screen asked by roselee12, 2 hours ago I am new to this forum, if this issues is listed elswhere, sorry.           0 0 12/02/08--00:27: Does "options" work on vmware-vim-cmd command ?

We will respond on the basis of your support entitlement.     I've been searching for an answer and found a simple solution to create a new VM with the same You will locate this in; C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc 2. This may mean that your computer has a power-saving feature that varies the processor speed. I tried the vanilla esxi 5.1, and just now the HP version (as the server is a DL160g6), but no dice.

I tried to open the VM using VMWare Player 5.0. Please leave us a reply if the solution has worked for you Recent CommentsGiovanni Castellanos on VMware: FAILED: Unable to obtain the IP address of the helper virtual machinemel_tjalkabota on VMware: asked by GuestWatch dog initiation on the black screen asked by SathishkumarSingaramVMWare Converter: (A file I/O error occurred while accesssing ". ) asked by GuestGetting windows Ready Don't turn off your But i still get the error above.

Danach wurde jede VM gestartet und bis zum Crash laufen gelassen, anschließend angehalten und die nächste VM gestartet. Please request support and include the contents of the log file. Veeam Backup Free Edition? 0 Pure Capsaicin OP Rod-IT Nov 19, 2014 at 8:54 UTC Beedub16 wrote: The exact error is: VMware Player unrecoverable error: (vmplayer) Unrecoverable memory Select OK to continue, Cancel to power off.

Aug 18 10:02:01.347: vmx| MM: using '/media/sda3/Virtual Machines/xp/xp/564dbb02-3832-8097-7a66-86489d737c7e.vmem' as a paging file Aug 18 10:02:01.347: vmx| Msg_Reset: Aug 18 10:02:01.347: vmx| ---------------------------------------- Aug 18 10:02:01.347: vmx| Opened paging file /media/sda3/Virtual Machines/xp/xp/564dbb02-3832-8097-7a66-86489d737c7e.vmem My colleagues do not have this issue even though client OS and VI client are the same. Aug 18 10:01:58.165: vmx| Aug 18 10:01:58.165: vmx| --------------------------------------- Aug 18 10:02:00.611: vmx| hostCpuFeatures = 0x500001ba Aug 18 10:02:00.611: vmx| hostNumPerfCounters = 2 Aug 18 10:02:00.613: vmx| guestCpuFeatures = 0x500001b0 Aug