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Failed To Update The Chunk Information To The Archive Manager

When this option is set to 1 (enabled) the command line returns to the prompt after an export request command is run. For example, if the Storage Policy is set to 100 device streams and this parameter is set to 50, then only 50 device streams will be used to access the DDB. Note that when the value is set to zero, Silo cache refresh will be disabled.Default Value: 1440 minutes Range: 0 to 10000 minutes Usage: Interval at which space management is performed In this case, the media is expected to be eventually moved, but the reported location will change with the Vault Tracker job/schedule ?

RE: Post Pack 1 for SP3 birky (ISP) 18 Jan 07 17:18 installed on all Wins problems at all RE: Post Pack 1 for SP3 cabraun (MIS) 19 Jan 07 Vault Tracker: Allow media to reach export location even though media are in library Definition: Specifies that media will reach export location, even though media are in the library.Default Value: 0 Increasing this number might be prudent if you are doing trend analysis on information contained within the backup job histories. Default Value: 1 Range: 0 (disabled) or 1 (enabled) Usage: If the value is set to 0 then the export job will succeed even though the specified subclients (backupsets/instances/clients) are no

Default Value: 24 hours Range: 1 to 168 hours Usage: An Auxiliary Copy operation is usually schedules on a frequent (24 hours) basis to ensure that additional copies of the source All other archiver restore job histories will be pruned based on the Days to keep the backup job histories parameter. Please let me know. Default Value: 0 Range:0 (disabled) or 1 (enabled) Usage: After the initial Full backup, jobs may be pruned manually because they failed or were improperly run.

Usage: In a storage policy copy that has many data paths, if there are any resource allocation failure for the data path, the reason behind this failure is displayed in the This parameter is useful to manage the number of database dump files generation and maintain disk space. Default Value: 50,000 Range: 512 to 1,000,000 Usage: Managed disk space process is run every 30 minutes to evaluate if used disk space as exceeded its maximum threshold and, if so, Maximum number of stream retry count Definition: Specifies the value to retry every stream for failed data chunk before the job is marked as pending.Default Value: 2 times Range: 2 to

Default Value: 0 Range: 0 (No) or 1 (Yes) Auxiliary Copy Configuration Parameter Description Allow AuxCopy for deduplication database backup jobs Definition: Specifies to select or skip the DDB backup jobs The following sections explains various Media Management configuration parameters and there usage. If this value is set to 1, all storage policies remain visible, and all previously hidden storage policies become visible. Prev Period Start Time Current Period Start Time Next Period Start Time Move Job Selection Period Start Time by [ x ] These options appear after closing and re-opening the CommCell

Migrate the subclients having no jobs for GRC Definition: For GRC, use this parameter to migrate the subclients that has no backup jobs.Default Value: 0 Range: For a selected client or This will reduce the overall throughput of the auxiliary copy job. To ensure data integrity a new Full backup should be run. Note that this option is applicable only for the MediaAgents which are in version 10.

Note: The following Simpana OnePass agents ignore the Ignore Cycles Retention on De-Configured Clients parameter: BlueArc Celerra NetApp Non-NDMP File Servers Unix Windows Exchange Mailbox Max number of records pending logical Configure the Media Management Parameters Open the CommCell Console. Storage Policy Copy Summary Populate Interval Definition: Specifies the time interval at which the storage policy will be checked for the following information: jobs to be copied jobs have not been Create, update or delete a Storage Policy with libraries and drives on the MediaAgent.

Revert operation can be performed only when the Flash copy operation is completed. this contact form SIDB Reconstruction prune replay batch count Definition: Specifies the number of prunable data blocks sent in a batch to deduplication database.Default Value: 1000 Range: 1 to 100,000 SIDB Reconstruction prune replay IntelliSnap and HP P9500 Unresolved Monthly schedule and exceptions Report Question Reports - Failed and Skipped Fol... This should then give you ample warning to replenish the media in the pools to avoid data protection failures from insufficient media.

Default Value: 10 Range: 1 to 10000 Usage: Used in conjunction with Mount Path Fragmentation Threshold Percentage to minimize the level of fragmentation on a disk library mount path. Enabling this parameter allows you to modify the selection period for advanced backup frequency criteria (such as for Every cycles/days/weeks/months). Successful backup job history is retained for as long as the data is restorable plus the number of days specified here. Allow load-balance on multiple data paths within one backup job You can create reservations on multiple data paths at the same time if there is not enough Resources from any single

RE: Post Pack 1 for SP3 Guest (visitor) 18 Jan 07 10:39 The SP3 Post Pack install has not caused any issues that I am aware of.However, I believe it has By default the value is set to 0. When this option is set to 1 (enabled) the export media operation completes after the exported media is moved to the IE port.

Default Value: 60 minutes Range: 0 to 1440 Usage: Used when stream randomization is enabled to balance the stream loading.

This parameter is only valid if the Enable Auto-Cleaning options are enabled in the Drive tab of the Library Properties dialog box. Default Value: 0 Range: 0 (No) or 1 (Yes) Copy first full jobs for new subclients on secondary copy with deduplication enabled before copying other data Definition: Specifies to copy only This value overrides the destination client with the source client. Default Value: 1Range: 0 (disabled) or 1 (enabled) Usage: Used similar to the Library Administration versus Library Management rights assigned to a CommCell User Group.

Setting this value to 1 will allow data aging to prune the job regardless. The default keeps at least the last cycle of the data. Set value as 0 to not retain the DDB backup job. Check This Out Allow export request to succeed without waiting for media being removed from library Definition: Returns the command line to the prompt before export operations are complete and the media is removed

RE: Post Pack 1 for SP3 Guest (visitor) 10 Jan 07 17:45 I installed it yesterday on our Windows CommServ and both of our Linux media agents.What do you need to Ask a question Edit question Subscribers Subscribe Subscribe someone else • Take the tour • Read the guide © 2004-2016 CanonicalLtd. • Terms of use • Contact Launchpad Support • Interval (in minutes) to clean up deleted storage policies or copies Definition: Specifies the time in minutes for cleaning up deleted storage policies. Perform Smart Clone operation by snap engines Definition: Specifies to enable the Smart Clone for IBM SVC Flash copy operation.

Puts the job into a pending state - but the job does eventually complete successfully. Data Threshold (in GB) to decide how to distribute data among streams for backup Definition: Specifies the maximum amount of data that can be distributed among streams.Default Value: 500 GB Range: Include Media Repository shelves in destination library list when moving exported media Definition: Specifies that media repository shelves can be included in the list of destination library and exported media can