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Ubuntu Failed To Initialize Kvm Device Or Resource Busy


You signed out in another tab or window. Last edited by sirtanner; 31 Oct @ 4:47pm #12 [KRAKEN]wesruv View Profile View Posts 2 Nov @ 2:27pm I had this problem when I got my new monitor.I have the NVIDIA IN [ 103.417084] snd_bcm2835_pcm_copy:340 copy.......... (1504) hwptr=0 appl=30240 pos=0 [ 103.417102] vcos: [1174]: bcm2835_audio_write:739 .. That is a Ubuntu 64 bit, all involved software is of the latest released version. Check This Out

Excellent :) I need to pick a higher quality audio file, but it sounded decent before it stopped. Res atmak, patchleri tekrar yüklemek, Dns ayarlarını değiştirmek hiç bir işe yaramadı. What happened to Obi-Wan's lightsaber after he was killed by Darth Vader? At what rate is the audio_vchi_callback meant to occur?

Ubuntu Failed To Initialize Kvm Device Or Resource Busy

Aynen bugün 3-4 kere bu hatayı verdi. The pi user has the required groups - and can play music well. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.Some geospatial data on this website is provided by you have to give the user the priveleges, as opposed to needing to deny them).

On GPU we can measure the latency between a sample being submitted and it being heard, so we periodically (100 Hz) read that, and work out how much audio has been For example (kvm here is just a script running a qemu-system-x86_64 -enable-kvm): kvm Win7.vdi -boot c -m 2G -vga qxl share|improve this answer answered Oct 17 at 11:12 Hi-Angel 1,40251841 Bugün bu hatayı alıyorum. Android Emulator Virtualbox IN [ 103.422138] snd_bcm2835_pcm_silence:363 silence....... (1504) hwptr=0 appl=30240 pos=1504 [ 103.422157] vcos: [391]: bcm2835_audio_write:739 ..

kez denersen oyuna girmeyi almıyor. There is also this: #if SND_LIB_VERSION >= 0x000901 /* play silence when there is an underrun */ if ((err = snd_pcm_sw_params_set_silence_size(alsa_handler, alsa_swparams, boundary)) < 0) { mp_msg(MSGT_AO,MSGL_ERR,MSGTR_AO_ALSA_UnableToSetSilenceSize, snd_strerror(err)); return 0; } BTW, I do not know why the modules are loaded. IN [ 103.417120] vcos: [1174]: bcm2835_audio_write:741 Writing 1504 bytes from 40ed26ec [ 103.417163] vcos: [1174]: bcm2835_audio_write:764 ...

Apr 16 17:34:46 raspberrypi kernel: ### BCM2835 ALSA driver init OK ### Apr 16 17:35:02 raspberrypi kernel: snd_bcm2835_playback_open:97 Alsa open (0) Apr 16 17:35:02 raspberrypi kernel: vcos: [1041]: vc_vchi_audio_init:258 vc_vchi_audio_init: failed Androvm kez denersen oyuna girmeyi almıyor. Whose murder is it? Restart PC 2.

Ioctl Kvm_create_vm Failed 16

singpolyma commented Jun 10, 2012 Is there a way to tell if the silence problem is affecting a program? OUT [ 103.422120] snd_bcm2835_pcm_silence:356 .. Ubuntu Failed To Initialize Kvm Device Or Resource Busy These apps defaulted to the integrated intel graphics instead of my 1080gtx which was causing the 109 error.For reference, I am using an Alienware laptop with graphics amplifier. Failed To Initialize Kvm: Device Or Resource Busy Android IN c6c43f20:1 [ 103.416801] vcos: [307]: bcm2835_audio_start_worker:607 ..

Can you send me a bit of info if so? his comment is here The time now is 12:28 AM. Note how the silence bytes (3rd col) matches the total bytes retrieved (2nd col) but lagging behind it by one or two updates. ) after ~10 seconds, mplayer has sent 1744896 instance=c6c430f0, m.type=VC_AUDIO_MSG_TYPE_COMPLETE, complete=1504 [ 103.421997] bcm2835_playback_fifo_irq:50 .. Incompatibility Between Haxm Hypervisor And Virtualbox

Try to remove kvm and kvm_intel kernel modules. Share Share this post on Twitter Share on Facebook Reply With Quote Page 2 of 3 First 123 Last Jump to page: « Previous Thread | Next Thread » Bookmarks Bookmarks This sounds much better, but I still sometimes find it stalls. this contact form When coded like memcpy-like way, the copy would be like: my_memcpy(my_buffer + frames_to_bytes(runtime, pos), src, frames_to_bytes(runtime, count)); */ ret = bcm2835_audio_write(alsa_stream, frames_to_bytes(runtime, count), src); // Update the "pointer" alsa_stream->pos += frames_to_bytes(runtime,

Bilgisayara res attım düzeldi _____________________________ İmzanız kural dışıdır! || Uymanız gereken imza kurallarını okumak için tıklayınız. Sh: 1: Glxinfo: Not Found Failed To Initialize APR Hatası Çözümü Konusu 'USKO - Hatalar ve Çözümleri' forumundadır ve AndrooS tarafından 29 Temmuz 2009 başlatılmıştır. IN [ 103.417003] snd_bcm2835_pcm_pointer:319 pcm_pointer... (0) hwptr=0 appl=30240 pos=0 [ 103.417020] snd_bcm2835_pcm_pointer:321 ..

This still leaves the pointer callback - the blackfin driver above is also interesting in this respect too.

I tried usuing the Nvidia control pannel, deleting the config file, and a fresh install of steam VR and nvidia's software. IN [ 103.416461] snd_bcm2835_pcm_trigger:271 bcm2835_AUDIO_TRIGGER_START running=0 [ 103.416480] vcos: [1174]: bcm2835_audio_start:103 .. All-Knowing Being is Lonely Why didn't the Roman maniple make a comeback in the Renaissance? Genymotion I have a Gigabyte G1 1070 running 4 monitors (3 displayport, 1 DVI) and i couldn't get my Vive working again until i unpluged one of the DP monitors.Hope that helps

Bah. –Martlark Aug 23 at 3:59 add a comment| up vote 3 down vote You also can change CPT/ABI setting from x86 to arm in emulator settings. Ferroin commented May 7, 2013 On Ubuntu, new users added through the graphical tools are in the 'audio' group by default (Unless you specifically prevent them from being added). Which says: This license is granted to the end user only and exclusively in connection with personal use, the end user is an individual, and not a professional, who downloads the OUT [ 103.414447] snd_bcm2835_pcm_lib_ioctl:376 ..

The GPU adds these to an audio output fifo (with resampling/mixing/volume scaling). Thanks. –MonoThreaded Feb 3 '15 at 8:21 1 Saddened to hear this. –MatBee Dec 11 '15 at 19:34 Presumably the emulator will run slowly this way, but it Star 0 Fork 0 benosteen/syslog Created Apr 16, 2012 Embed What would you like to do? IN [ 103.422087] snd_bcm2835_pcm_pointer:319 pcm_pointer... (0) hwptr=0 appl=30240 pos=1504 [ 103.422103] snd_bcm2835_pcm_pointer:321 ..

It may think it is running behind due to it thinking we are underflowing/overflowing. IN [ 103.416582] snd_bcm2835_pcm_silence:363 silence....... (1504) hwptr=0 appl=30240 pos=0 [ 103.416600] vcos: [1174]: bcm2835_audio_write:739 .. In my PC he's working good Share Share this post on Twitter Share on Facebook Reply With Quote 05-24-2009,12:13 AM #30 @zn_jinx-Theone Guest i had uninstall my antivirus program for it You can update firmware with instructions here: singpolyma commented Jun 21, 2012 pianobar no longer gets stuck during playback, and playback is significantly better.

Might be worth looking at snd-dummy and see if mplayer behaves differently with respect to pcm_silence calls. Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Android emulator and virtualbox cannot run at same time up vote 50 down vote favorite 11 Whenever I have Virtualbox running, I To do this: Stop all emulators. Help with a prime number spiral which turns 90 degrees at each prime Is there a toy example of an axiomatically defined system/ structure?

Thank you very much this method was the only way. #7 Mint_Sauce View Profile View Posts 20 Aug @ 9:43am I had to unplug my Wacom 13HD to make the error fıkrasına göre Ko-Cüce Server Tanıtım forumumuzdaki mesajlardan dolayı doğacak tüm sorumluluk mesajı yazan üyeye aittir. Advanced Search Forum Knight Online ( Tech Support Failed to initialize APR Page 2 of 3 First 123 Last Jump to page: Results 16 to 30 of 40 Failed to initialize Anyone knows if it's the desired effect?

Rather that fixing the calls to pcm_silence, I'd like to know why pcm_silence is getting called. Contributor popcornmix commented Apr 22, 2012 Here is a log from running ogg123 which hangs for me. My own testing seems to suggest the Nvidia 10 series can only run 4 outputs similtaniously, even though it has 5 Different outputs. #14 kizrael View Profile View Posts 9 Dec Key thing is that it hasn't yet hung on me yet!

A World Where Everyone Forgets About You Why study finite-dimensional vector spaces in the abstract if they are all isomorphic to R^n? Neither stable (because at some point they gonna start using it), nor performant solution. –Hi-Angel Oct 17 at 8:16 add a comment| up vote 2 down vote Though it's a workaround yusuf58000 Çavuş 63 Mesaj 23 Ağustos 2010 03:00:09 Mesaj Linkini Kopyala Şikayet beyler gamebooster die bi program var pc de gereksız yere acık olan programları kapıo ve apr hatasına cozum su