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I.E., In word, File open > My Recent Containers does not display containers. Document not saved.Once this error pops up, if you click ok it just returns to the spreadsheet and there is no other way to save it. It is an intermittent issue and we cannot replicate it through testing.Our staff may have a spreadsheet open, click Save As within Excel and then they recieve an error message - Opening a Tif outside of TRIM from the desktop works fine.We have TRIM version 6.22 with Office 2007 / Vista Using Insert in Word 2003 not bringing up TRIM 7.1 have a peek at this web-site

But is there a way for the end users to check in a document in a record with a document already checked in without first having to check the document out?Also These cases are ignored since debugging versions are not distributed. If odma32.dll is found, OyezForms will then attempt to establish contact with your DMS system via registry values that you must set. Click the “View” tab.

The reported conditions are not fatal and may occur under ordinary conditions in which there is no actual problem. Other Conditions to Check Contributors Change History 1. On some configurations (e.g., Windows XP, Windows 2000) you will require administration privileges to perform the modifications. It is like the integration isn't reaching to that level in 7.1 whereas 6.2.1 did.Has anyone else experienced this issue, and any clues as to how it can be fixed?

Trim 7.1 slow with Office 2007 We have figured that Trim 7.1 is slow with Office 2007 compared to trim 6.2.3. File Odmdms.cpp uses the ErrorMessage function in ODMDms::Init. We do not have support status information on Microsoft Office Visio 2003 and later at this point. 1. There are other uses of the Windows MessageBox function that are only employed when the Connection Manager is compiled with debugging enabled.

The change, if correctly made, is harmless on a configuration where Microsoft Office does not require the registry information or where ODMA is not being used. Follow these steps to rename the file “OPODMA.dll” to “OPODMA.old”. If I make this change, then all txt files are then opened in Excel! Uncheck “Hide file extensions for known file types”.

Announce the Connection Manager revision and have it be available for download. No more error message, thanks Stephan. Version 7.11 Build 1821 We are in the process of rolling Version 7.11 Build 1821 for a mining company(1500+ users)up in Papua New Guinea and have noticed a number issues:- When For example, when an ODMA Document ID is obtained as a link in a document, or from an E-mail message, it may well be that the originating DMS is not available

Contact Details Tel: 08450 17 55 17 option 1 Email: [email protected] Address: Oyez, Spicers Building, Peterboat Close, SE10 0PX Twitter linkedIn Oyez Legal Software is a part of Oyez Professional The ODMA Connection Manager and ODMA DMS Integrations are not Unicode-enabled. ODMA Connection Manager Message (download BMP format) If the user clicks "OK" the Connection Manager will then perform the correct operation, which is to silently report the appropriate error condition (e.g., I cannot find anything and have added and removed multiple things in the developer, but no TRIM fields are available.Can anyone assist?

When a Unicode-based Microsoft Office application is also ODMA-aware, one of two symptoms will occur: Even though the application is ODMA-aware, all File menu dialogs ignore ODMA and offer file-system access Check This Out Make sure that a global default DMS is specified. Cancel

^ Go to first post Communities Home Getting Started Community Central Products Support Secure File Upload Feedback Support and Services Home Product Support Downloads User Management Licensing Manager This means they get connection errors when opening Word, Outlook etc.At the moment I enable a Trim login for the user, open Trim and disable the integration then remove the login

This applies to all implementations of the ODMA specification from ODMA 1.0 to ODMA 2.0. TRIM 7.1.1, Office Integration and third party applications Has anyone else upgraded to TRIM 7.11 build 1821 and found that TRIM muscles in when a third party application calls an Office Although the messages have been seen under conditions where there is an error in the application, these messages are inappropriate because they can occur when there is no actual defect. Source So all good here.However under TRIM 7.1, selecting Insert in Word 2003 brings up the usual Windows Explorer to select a file from any given hard drive or network drive, rather

OyezForms will subsequently look in registry key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\OyezLegalForms.Application\ODMA32 for a string value with name 'DefaultDMS'. The implementation of ODMA-aware document access appears to be limited to the components that use the same shared implementation of file-access dialogs and code. 1.2 Assumptions about ODMA in Microsoft Office Vivit Blog more 12/15/2016New Leader Blog - December 201612/15/2016SIG Talk12/15/20162016 EMEA and Asia-Pacific Award Recipients Calendar more 1/12/2017Delaware Chapter Event [Performance Engineering and JP Morgan Chase]1/17/2017Building the DevOps Tool Chain1/19/2017Top Lessons

To do this, in HotDocs, go to Tools > Options > File Management, and choose Word RTF Document (.rtf) from the Word document save format drop-down list.

Excel add-in for TRIM 7.10 Does anyone know if there is a newer version of the TRIM Excel Add-in to use with TRIM 7.10, or should we be using the old ODMA awareness can also be disabled here. Scott Soper Tue, Dec 1 2009 8:13 PM Cancel 2 Replies (Most Recent Reply) Stephan Searles Tue, Dec 1 2009 8:28 PM I suspect it may be your iDesktop Integration... Expanded FAQ on how to perform the installation will be produced in the next week near future.

created 2000-10-19-08:16 -0700 (pdt) by orcmid $$Author: Orcmid $ $$Date: 07-07-28 11:15 $ $$Revision: 31 $ ODMA Incident Report X010100: Inappropriate Messages to Users Last updated 2000-02-12-12:02 -0800 (pst) The Carolyn provided follow-up demonstration that accepting the message box leads to correct ODMSTATUS return from the ODMA operation that provoked the message box. sometimes you can copy the data into a new blacnk workbook and it may save but it seems that we have to just ditch the spreadsheets and get our clients to have a peek here Microsoft Office ODMA Integration 1.1 ODMA-Aware Components in Microsoft Office Components of Microsoft Office have been ODMA-aware since Office 97 was released.

Conversely, if you perform a search for a container will not return a result.- Users cannot view Record Properties from web client, error "Object not set to an instance of object" Registered Address: Unit 4, 500 Purley Way, Croydon, Surrey CR0 4NZ Registered in England & Wales No.01291562. Retrieved from "" Category: Problems and Solutions This page was last modified on 2 August 2011, at 14:34. I am guessing that .net caspol scripts need to get executed on a per user basis, but dunno how to find or run these.Currently we only have 2 options: run without

If I copy and paste data into a word doc and immediately try to save I will get the incorrect path.This does it every time upon opening Word.The incorrect path is You are navigating the ODMA Interoperability Exchange. Also During the 64 bit client install on an Office 2010 machine the installer doesnt even list the Office integration options.In 7.1 is it necessary for the user to have to