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Rep-1203 Oracle Reports


Level: 1 Type: ERROR Impact: Other REP-00107: File class="msgentry" 8 cannot be opened: bad name. Please reply me as soon as possible. Can any one give me some suggestions ASAP. bye that's what i thought, i've seen people talk about using run_report_object(), run_product(), and open_form(), and i'm confused as to which is the correct way to have the page reload. this contact form

Action: Remove the column from the report definition and the calling document's definition. Reenter the command with the appropriate value for the keywords. If it is not, change the directory and/or file name or move the file into the specified directory. U must give some default value to it.

Rep-1203 Oracle Reports

Cause: Oracle Reports Bui Google Grupları Tartışma Forumları'nı kullanmak için lütfen tarayıcı ayarlarınızda JavaScript'i etkinleştirin ve sonra bu sayfayı yenileyin. . Action: Consult the operating system documentation or contact the system administrator. Cause: For Oracle Reports Builder, an invalid value was specified for the ACCESS keyword.

Cause: Another daemon may be running that is already listening to the port. Cause: In the command, more than the allowable number of values for the keyword were entered. Action: Check the syntax and value of the keyword. Rep-1070: An Error Occurred While Opening Or Saving A Document Cause: An invalid value was specified for the MODE keyword.

Action: Run the report using BATCH=YES or use a bitmapped executable. Rep-56133: Access Is Denied To Write To The Specified Location Level: 1 Type: ERROR Impact: Other REP-00076: An internal failure occurred in product integration. Cause: Oracle Reports Builder tried to open the file shown and could not. Many Thanks, Buntoro Hi, you can use lexical parameter to do this thing It's better if you change your query to select * from emp where &where_clause here, where_clause is a

Contact the system administrator and retry the command after verifying that the Reports Server is running. My Oracle Support im trying to sync my ipod with my new itunes library but it wont let me. Action: Contact the system administrator about the system user ID's privilege of this output type. Is there any other oracle product is running in the same machine? 1.

Rep-56133: Access Is Denied To Write To The Specified Location

The report has bind variables for the search criteria. Speeding up a slow upgrade? Rep-1203 Oracle Reports Action: To send the output to the screen, run it in the foreground. Rep-110 File Cannot Be Opened 11g If Case 2: Verify the privileges necessary to open the file, and change the privileges accordingly.

Cause: An abnormal condition was encountered. Action: Check the installation and setup and update with the latest patch. Action: Retry the operation, specifying a valid value for the parameter. Cause: In the Reports Queue Viewer, an argument provided in command line for the SHOWJOBS keyword was not valid. Rep-56132: Access Is Denied To The Report Definition File

Level: 1 Type: ERROR Impact: Other REP-00125: An internal error occurred: Unable to load NLS character set. This could be caused by an invalid installation or missing files. Action: Provide a valid argument for the keyword SERVER and rerun the command. Cause: Oracle Reports Builder tried to write the file shown in the message and could not.

Cause: The possible causes of this error include the following: Case 1: An attempt was made to display the value of a column using SRW.MESSAGE, but the column's data type (for Possible causes of this error include: Case 1: The resource file does not exist. thanks and regards Tariq.

Cause: Oracle Reports Builder tried to access the file shown, but could not find it.

Cause: While using Reports Converter with DUNIT=Character, a Parameter Form size was specified that was not equal to 80x24. Action: Recheck the user ID and password and try again. Level: 1 Type: ERROR Impact: Other REP-00116: Directory class="msgentry" 0 cannot be accessed. Case 2: The NLS_LANG environment variable value may be invalid.

Level: 1 Type: INCIDENT_ERROR Impact: Other REP-00202: A null pointer cannot be freed. Level: 1 Type: INCIDENT_ERROR Impact: Other REP-00003: Global preference file cannot be opened. Action: Scroll through the error message to see where the error occurred and, if possible, fix it. Cause: An attempt was made to check out a file of a type that Oracle Reports Builder cannot convert.