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Unable To Lookup The Sid Associated With The Specified Account

All of the controls are grayed out and unavailable on these pages. ABAT-E-INVHISTPROP, Job save history duration must be greater or equal to the log file retension period CFFD01C6 Self-explanatory. This policy is only applied to Domain controllers since they are the servers that will actually process the translation request. An additional error code provides more information. 8FFD018D ABAT-W-PROPTYLOCKED, property is locked An attempt to modify a property failed because the property was locked and cannot be changed by an ActiveBatch this contact form

ABAT-E-REGVALERR, Failure to obtain registry value %1!s! Have you confirmed that the DB is in mixed mode? Then we went into the set logs. CFFD0020 ABAT-E-INVOSQPRIORITY, Invalid operating system scheduling priority You specified an illegal O/S priority value as the Job default with a queue.

blocking them. For more information about how to configure diagnostic logging, see How to Change Logging Levels for Exchange Processes in the Exchange 2007 Help. Caching There is no caching of the query results, positive or negative. This serious error usually indicates some level of license tampering.

ABAT-E-MSONLYLIC, This Job Scheduler license only permits connections to Microsoft Execution Agents CFFD01D4 You are attempting to connect to a non-Microsoft Execution Agent and your license only permits you to connect to Microsoft If the supplied SID does not correspond to a well-known SID, the function checks built-in and administratively defined local accounts. For example, attempting to release a job which isn’t held. Try these resources.

All Windows operating systems beginning with Windows 2000 support performing authentication on these sessions by default. Caching Successful mappings are cached on the computer that is addressed by the call. In addition, the messages themselves contain a facility code “ABAT”, a severity code (“I”, “W”,”E”) and the message name followed by the text of the message. Removed end point protection: *Software was blocking EPM requests Removed RPC Interface Restriction: This configuration item restricts anonymous access to the RPC interfaces.

The raw storage for the SID is: 01 05 00 00 00 00 00 05 15 00 00 00 75 b9 75 54 1e d1 98 18 23 5f 63 6b Specify a valid queue name and try again. Please check the machine name or IP address and try again; the machine may not be on the network; the machine may not be running RPC or DCE services. Release the job first and then retry.

Methods for mapping SIDs to account names These are the methods available to map between SIDs and account names: DsCrackNames/IADsNameTranslate LsaLookupSids, LookupAccountSid LsaLookupNames, LsaLookupNames2, LookupAccountName LDAP queries for account names LDAP ABAT-E-EXCRUNTIME, job aborted exceeding expected run time CFFD01C4 The Execution Agent has set this job’s exit status code because of an overrun for elapsed run time and has aborted the job. CFFD019A ABAT-E-JOBSCHEDFAIL, Job Scheduler failed to start This is the exit status code of a Job Scheduler Service which could not be started. ABAT-E-CRELOGFILE, Failure to create log file CFFD015F The Execution Agent was unable to create the batch job’s log file.

This error may be logged to the product’s trace file. There is no negative cache. ABAT-E-UNEXPEXCEPTCOM, An unexpected exception has occurred in the COM client CFFD01DF Self-explanatory. ABAT-I-JSSUP, The ActiveBatch Job Scheduler Service has started 4FFD0036 Self-explanatory.

We already removed the end point protection and tried enabling anonymous SID/Name translation. Reply Christian says: February 25, 2013 at 20:27 Well, that's sound fine. Unfortunately both instances throw the same error to the end user, which is where the problem lies. navigate here CFFD001D ABAT-E-REGVALERR, Failure to obtain registry value %1!s!

About Graham Kent English born, ex-Swedish resident, walker, skier, lover of rainy days. See ASP.NET Ajax CDN Terms of Use – ]]> Server & Tools Blogs > Server & Management Blogs From the MOM Operator Console, select this alert, and then click the Properties tab.

I was using powershell script and seems like if you have two concurent $ signs in the password, only one $ sign is saved in the configuration.ini file.

Don't have a SymAccount? For example, trying to add the same account and access to a security collection. The job was not marked as being restartable. CFFD01FC ABAT-E-RUNJOBINTERACTIVE, Unable to run the job interactively An error occurred while attempting to run this job interactively.

You can indicate that a ‘flush’ operation first be performed prior to the actual queue delete. Security There is no access check that would require the caller to be able to read the SID or account name to perform the mapping. At this point it looks like something is still blocking this request from completing. his comment is here If the function fails because the buffer is too small or if cchName is zero, cchName receives the required buffer size, including the terminating null character.